Resources to help you get started with IRMM

The resources available on this page are all referenced in the IRMM User Guide (see section 1.4).

QuickTour related resources

Several of the resources are data-files that can be used when creating the Quick Tour Meeting described in section 7 of the User Guide. The QuickTour Meeting is a small fictional meeting that is used to guide the new user through the basics of using IRMM to organise an Indoor Rowing event.

QuickTourEvents - contains the set of events that are supported by the QuickTour Meeting

QuickTourEntries - an excel spreadsheet containing the entries for the Quick Tour. These can be loaded directly into IRMM from the spreadsheet.

British2000mRecords - an excel spreadsheet containing the British Indoor Rowing Records for 2000m as of May 2008. These can be loaded into IRMM directly from the spreadsheet and have a variety of uses. For example, they can be used to determine whether any new British records are set at the QuickTour Meeting.

ErowDataEditor - an application that can be used to edit ERow files. It is used with the QuickTour Meeting to allow results of races to be created. These would normally be created by ERow but in the absence of actual ERGs, and competitors, it provides an alternative way of obtaining ERow results files that can be loaded into IRMM..



Other resources

EveshamEntries2007 - another example of an excel spreadsheet used to load entry information into IRMM. This example shows a more extensive set of the facilities available with this feature. The example used with the QuckTour uses only a limited sub-set of the available features.

BIRC-2006-Results-And-Records - an example of an IRMM meeting file. This is effectively a database containg all entries and results for BIRC 2006. Download this file, click on it, and if IRMM is already installed on your system, the database will be loaded into IRMM. This gives an easy way to play with IRMM with a substantial amout of data.

BIRC-2004-Results-2000m - another spreadsheet. This one holds the 2000m results for BIRC 2004. Normally race results will be loaded from the result files generated by ERow, but this provides an alternative method for the easy input of mass data which can on occassions be useful.

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