Race Replays

IRMM includes support for the automatic generation of Race and Event Replays making it trivial to publish replays of Races (and Events) on the web after the Races (and Events) have completed.

Nigel Farmer developed the original race replay package. His original java-script was initially extended to support multiple browsers and a range of race distances.IRMM generates that data necessary to drive this java-script. It produces data for both Races and Events.

Recently support has been added for Time based races - thanks to Thomas William-Powlett for doing most of the Java-Script related spade-work..



Some Examples

The Evesham 2007 "results" were the first to include event-replays - the Mens 40-49 mile being the most spectacular (with 19 competitors) - a snap shot from this is shown below with Neil Ridge having closed down AJ Treacy and just about to edge in front.

Event replays have also been generated for BIRC 2006. Try the Mens BUSA. This shows some 161 competitors. There were actually 208 finishers but 47 of them competed in an additional race for which ERow was unable to produce the "Stroke Data" needed for replays.

160 competitors is pushing the current java-script to its limits (and possibly beyond depending on the PC platform you are using).

Having added the capability to generate race-replays for time based races and events, these have been generated for BIRC 2006 (where the data was available) and for Evesham 2007



IRMM being used at an indoor rowing meeting

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