IRMM being used at an indoor rowing meeting
Take the pain out of organising an Indoor Rowing Event

  • Publish race-schedule and entry information on the web
  • Send Emails to competitors containing race details*
  • Automatically generate all the information needed at your registration desk
  • Print off race result record forms if you plan to use them
  • Get race and event results including splits printed within minutes of the end of a race
  • Generate customised finishing certificates
  • Provide information about how well everyone's done compared to their relevant World, British or Grand Prix Record
  • Publish event and race results together with event and race-replays on the web

* This feature is not available in the standard IRMM release. If you would like to make use of it, please contact Frank Birch via the Concept2 message board.

How can IRMM help me?

IRMM is a state-of-the-art windows application designed for use by the Indoor Rowing community. The aim is zero-entry meeting management. Competitor entries can be collected via a web based entry form or they can be recorded in an Excel Spreadsheet as paper-forms are received. These can then be loaded automatically into IRMM. You define how many Indoor Rowers will be used and how many races there will be, you then use IRMMs simple interface to allocate competitors to races based on the Event they've entered, their predicted finishing time or any other criteria you choose. IRMM does the rest generating all the pre and post race information you need. It interleaves with ERow generating the "race" files ERow requires and processing and colating the "result" files that ERow produces. Race and the latest Event results are printed on the fly. At the end of the day, click a button and you'll have a crib sheet showing first, second and third in all events for use when doing presentations together with a set of files showing all results in both Excel Spreadsheet and HTML format (ready for publishing on the web).

The technology is available and its built into IRMM - why not take advantage of it?

IRMM comes with a full user-guide including a "Quick Tour". The Quick Tour is aimed at giving you a feel for IRMM, how to use it and the benefits that it provides by guiding you through the setup and running of a small meeting. The use of an ERow simulator for generating results for races means that you can simulate the running of any meeting you wish to in its entirety using IRMM with no need for a row of Ergs connected to ERow with a set of volunteers. Why not try it out? All you need is a PC running W2000 or later.

Copyright 2008 - Frank Birch