IRMM being used at an indoor rowing meeting

Help manage your Indoor Rowing Event

IRMM Software helps automate the management of an Indoor Rowing Meeting. It is a MicroSoft Windows Application that takes the pain out of generating all the information required for an indoor rowing meet, be it information for the web, paper check lists for use at the registration desk, "rac" files for use by ERow, etc.....

IRMM Software is available for use at no charge - but if you're a big meet with loads of sponsors please check the detailed licensing conditions.

More information about the features available in IRMM can be found here.

IRMM V2.5 Software

Download the following two files into the same folder on your computer:

and run setup.exe. Note that IRMM uses the latest version of the .Net Framework. If you do not already have this installed on your machine, the setup program, after asking you whether it is ok, will download this from the web and install it.

IRMM V2.5 User Guide

This can be downloaded by clicking:

This guide is a comprehensive document. It includes a QuickTour of IRMM that takes the form of a walk through of the steps necessary to setup and manage a small (17 competitor) Indoor Rowing meet. This exercise is designed to give the user a good grasp of how to use IRMM by providing an overview of its capabilities.


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