IRMM at The EVESHAM Golden Mile

IRMM is a software package designed to simplify the organisation of an Indoor Rowing Meeting. It was used at the Evesham Golden Mile - 2009 edition to:

  • email competitors with details of their races
  • publish race and event information for display on this site prior to the meeting
  • create the material needed at the registration desk on July 11th
  • auto-generate the race files needed by ERow
  • generate promptly printed results, including splits, following completion of each race
  • print the certificates made available to competitors when they completed their races
  • track the performance of competitors against existing British Records for the mile
  • generate race and event replays for publishing on the web together with the results of the meeting

For further information about IRMM click here.


Evesham 2009 Results

can be found here.

all stroke data is availale in a zip file here.


Previous Evesham Results

Results, generated by IRMM for previous Evesham Golden Mile's are available below:

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